Kenny Rogers’ Wife Donates Half His Estate To Trump’s Re-Election: ‘It’s What He Would Have Wanted’

“I love what he says, I have to admit.” That was what Kenny Rogers had to say about Donald Trump in 2015. Today, as the world mourns the loss of one of the greatest performers of all time, that sentiment will be shared in dollars. According to Sandy Batt, spokesperson for Kenny’s wife, Dominique Tubolls Rogers, Kenny’s estate will be split between his family — and Trump 2020:

“Kenny wanted Trump to win, so this is the best way for that to happen. Kenny has always been an island in the stream of Trump’s presidency. He once told him during a dinner in Palm Beach that there was no way he should ‘fold ’em and walk away.’ Trump told him not to worry.”

Rogers has already done more for the Trump campaign than most, offering free coleslaw to Trump campaign staff with the purchase of a half-chicken dinner at “Roasters,” and allowing them to refill their drink cups for half price. Staffers sent Kenny a thank you note once, telling how much they appreciated the gesture, as Trump paid them minimum wage and made no promises for White House jobs, though many of them now hold deputy cabinet positions.

We love you, Kenny Rogers. You will never be forgotten. The two songs we all know will play in our heads for at least a week. Thank you, Patriot, for all you do.