Democrats Plan To Add ‘Assassination’ To Their Articles of Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi and her corrupt friends in the House of Representatives are considering adding “assassination of a foreign diplomat without Congressional approval” to their sham Articles of Impeachment. According to a source who may or may not have credible information, Pelosi has gone off the rails over the killing of Iran’s General Solumain:

“Nancy has lost her mind. She believes the White House has to call her every time they blow their nose, but she’s wrong. Not that it matters. She’s making us draft a whole new article charging President Trump with murder.”

Even her own aides are turning against her at this point. She has to be fuming now that Gallup has said that 92 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s move.

The White House hasn’t responded, since the threat hasn’t gone mainstream yet, but our insiders in the West Wing tell us that President Trump had a good laugh. Being the smartest man in America, he surely knows his constitutional rights and duties far better than Nancy Pelosi, who has never served in the military or in the Executive Branch.

Pollsters are reporting that it’s beginning to take a toll and that Pelosi may not be able to survive her next election. If she loses, it will be the first time a Republican has held her seat since she first won it, which would be something.

As far as the “assassination,” The Supreme Court is taking up the matter and will decide if the move was justified and then Nancy and the libs can go sit somewhere together and cry over their feelings while Trump takes Iran back for the Middle East and Israel.

People don’t seem to realize just how complex this foreign policy stuff can be. Trump isn’t playing checkers with these people. He’s playing Connect Four, and as his kids will tell you from their tough upbringing in New York, he’s very good at winning.

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