Pelosi To Seniors: ‘You Are Not Entitled To Social Security! It’s Gone!’

The truth is right in front of you

Socialist politicians in the Democratic Party have tried for years to eliminate Social Security, a source of income relied upon by millions in this country just to get by in their old age. Why they would pursue this is quite simple - they think of nobody but themselves. Their retirement income is guaranteed through fat congressional pensions in addition to the billions they steal from the taxpayer during their terms in office, so they have no worries.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, today launched their latest attack on our beloved social safety net:

“Seniors in this country are soft! They actually rely on this pittance from the government in their latter years!

Well guess what, people? This country is in trouble! We face financial ruin and hard choices have to be made about our money. Our situation is totally unsustainable because of the massive amounts of dough that our esteemed leader is adding to the debt. Something has to give. Someone is going to suffer and, since, you all aren’t exactly contributing anymore, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be you.

You voted for him you stupid boomers! And you didn’t plan your lives well! You wasted everything! Time to pay the piper.”

This is typical of the rhetoric from the democrats as they always try to blame the fiscally responsible republicans of this country for their failures. We are fortunate that we have President Trump to fight back against this socialist horde and protect our citizens. Nancy’s talk while Trump is in the White House is just that ……talk.

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