Kaepernick Buys Redskins; Changing Name To ‘True Patriots’

The truth is right in front of you

Renowned kneeler Colin Kaepernick, a native of D.C, is putting his Nike earnings back into the sport he loves, though he still won’t playing. He plans to invest, as part of an ownership group, in the purchase of the Washington Redskins.

No big deal, right? Professional sports teams are bought and sold all the time, aren’t they? So why is this a story of significance? It is because Kaepernick plans to dump the name “Redskins” as he deems it to be “just another insult to minorities from the racist American machine,” as he put it. He went on:

“That name was always an insult. That’s why it was chosen. America spits on its minority populations everyday, everywhere, and in every way possible. Current ownership refused to change it, calling it ‘a show of respect.’ HA! He says that and then goes and laughs with his rich, 1% buddies at the idiots who fall for it.

So, because he wouldn’t change it, i decided to take them over. That’s right. I’m a black man with money. And now this team is mine all mine.”

The name Kaepernick chose as a replacement is disgusting, considering it came from him and it is about a team full of kneelers:

The Washington True Patriots

As Kaepernick puts it:

“The name is appropriate because kneeling for your country is the most patriotic thing you can do.”

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