AG Barr To Charge Mueller With Perjury

The truth is right in front of you

Robert Mueller’s testimony before congress yesterday was very illuminating. Not in any way that suggested great truths about President Trump had been revealed , but rather in that it showed how full of it Mueller really is.

Attorney General Barr has initiated legal proceedings against Mueller with a charge to be laid of perjury for all the outright lies he told before congress yesterday. We’re told an arrest warrant has already been issued and Mueller is expected to be in custody by day’s end.

Though the fabrications in the testimony were clear just upon listening to it, Barr’s office was prepared to prove it in the event that lies were told. A team of fact checkers from Snopes were employed to examine the testimony in real time. Snopes were chosen for their astounding ability to differentiate satirical works from fact - a feat that few others on earth are capable of. It is their evidentiary conclusions that gave Barr reasonable cause to pursue charges.

Snopes’ grand master, Davey Mikkelphuck, spoke:

“Robert Mueller several times referred to supposed evidence from internet articles published by America’s Last Line of Defense. They write junk news that they call satire for money. It’s not real.

Snopes founder Davey Mikkelphuck.

This is the problem with that site and with Chris Blair, it’s founder, in particular - people believe their crap. Important people. Robbie M. in this case.”

Barr has indicated he will ask for jail time which would likely have Robert Mueller seeing the end of his life behind bars.

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