Rashida Tlaib Wants Trump Charged With Hate Crimes

The truth is right in front of you

Using the lawful imprisonment of asylum seekers, the perfectly justified kidnapping of migrant children, and innocent shouts of “go back to your country” as an excuse, Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib wants President Trump to be charged with hate crimes. She has completely lost her mind.

Let’s examine the acts that she calls “hate”.

First, there’s the throwing in prison of the supposed asylum seekers. These people crossed into our country without going through customs. That’s bad enough but they also provided no proof on entry of “fearing for their life” or whatever, from the holes they came from. Proper procedure when seeking refuge is to provide sworn statements from those who wish to kill you in your homelands of that intent. To not provide means your claim is illegitimate. You are not running in fear, you are simply illegally crossing. No hate crime there. Lock em up.

Who in their right mind doesn’t see migrant toddlers as little Damiens?

Next we have kidnapping and giving the children taken away to others. As has already been outlined above, the claimants are illegal as they did not legitimize their claims through affidavits. When people go to jail, they don’t take their kids with them. This is normal. These animals should be no different. Also, none of those children really belong to these supposed “parents” anyway. It’s all an elaborate scheme concocted by tens of thousands. That’s obvious. The children crying as they are removed from the arms of family are just well trained, probably out of fear. Not even these kids are refugees. No hate crime there. Lock em up.

Lastly, President Trump telling “The Squad” members to go back where they came from. That was clearly just a suggestion that they, as citizens of the world - where we are all from - make an effort to join the Trump Government in making the world a better place through kindness and benevolence, as Trump himself is doing.

President Trump loves like many leaders of third world nations have.

So it’s obvious Tlaib doesn’t have a leg to stand on. These charges of hate are simply another distraction so that she and her fellow socialists can pursue their evil agenda.

Don’t fall for it.

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