White House Staff Let Slip That Melania May Be Pregnant

The truth is right in front of you

First Lady Melania Trump may be with child. At least that’s what has been heard from several sources within the White House that are close to her.

Melania’s personal staff were recently interviewed by DC Health Magazine, a publication focussed on the diseases and physical abnormalities of those in government in Washington. They were being interrogated in regard to a piece being written on the bloated body of the President himself, but the conversation turned to focus on the possibility of President Trump’s beautiful wife blowing up as well. Most of her staff kept fairly mum. Confidentiality agreements are requirements in their positions and violations of these agreements would result in immediate job loss and possible lawsuits being filed against them. But Mrs. Trump’s personal assistant, Joe Barron, flubbed up when he said the following, a subtle clue about Melania’s fertile state:


Verily, what woman wouldn’t be longing for endless intimacy with an Adonis such as this? Did I use ‘verily’ right?

Barron then made more sly suggestions:

“Miss Melania has been sick every morning as long as I’ve worked  here. Each morning when she wakes, I see her run from her bed looking queasy, and then she vomits.

I find her crumpled on the floor by the toilet sobbing something in Slovak about being with ‘this thing.”

She must be referring to a child in her belly. This must be morning sickness. I’m pretty sure another little Trump is on its way!”

This is wonderful news for the First Family and further proof of the manliness and virility of our President. He is truly a man amongst men.

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