House Dems Call for ‘Full Ban on Unregistered Guns’ After New Zealand Tragedy

House Democrats are off their rockers. In response to the horrific shootings in New Zealand, they’ve introduced a new measure that would “ban all unregistered guns in the United States.”

The source, which may or may not be credible, says that House Democrats are anxious to use any tragedy to play on people’s emotions to get votes:

“They say that thoughts and prayers aren’t enough and that we need to do more, because the lunatic who shot all those people was a Trump-loving neo-Nazi. They think that means that because we have a lot of Trump-loving neo-Nazis here at home, that we need to take some kind of action against them.”

Nancy Pelosi had this to say:

“Surely we’re not saying that all Trump lovers are neo-Nazis, but those who are will disobey the law, not register their guns and then we can get rid of them. This is no different from building a couple thousand miles of border wall to snare a few pot dealers, with the exception that this will actually do some good and save some lives.”

Sources from Pelosi’s office say she never made that statement and that Democrats support the 2nd Amendment. Clearly, there is something strange going on. Our science department hasn’t ruled out a trans-dimensional shift like the one we saw in November of 2016 that started all this to begin with.

Trump’s wall is on schedule. That should keep any random New Zealanders out.

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