Some Democratic Mayors Ban All Trump Rallies in Their Cities

ban could affect reelection hopes

Democrat Mayors in all 50 states banned any and all Trump rallies in their cities today, citing their belief that President Trump does not represent the country or American values. This includes major cities in battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin, which are a must-win for the president in order to be reelected.

Not being able to hold rallies in those states could be a serious blow to the president, as a slew of recent polls in those states show the president lagging behind Joe Biden. Trump’s rallies have traditionally allowed him to generate enthusiasm among his followers and boost his popularity. There is also the question of whether such action goes against President Trump’s 1st and 25th Amendment rights, which he has so vehemently defended over the past three years.

President Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McAninny was confident that the courts would overturn the ban:

“It goes without saying that President Trump has been a staunch defender of both the 1st and 25th amendments.

First of all he has the right of freedom of speech, just like any other American, and that includes holding rallies wherever and whenever he wants. We are confident that our appointees to the Supreme court will strike down the ban, as they always do whenever outside groups try to stop the president.

Second of all, banning the rallies would also violate his right to have the 25th Amendment invoked, as literally each sentence he utters at them increases support among the American people for invoking it. Banning rallies would erode that support. As this president has repeatedly said, if that happens he will use his executive powers and invoke the 25th Amendment himself.”

Asked for comment, League of Democrat Mayor’s spokesperson Joe Barron was dismissive:

“President Trump does not represent us, period. We are unanimous in that. Besides, we’re tired of having to clean up after all those sweaty and smelly people wearing MAGA hats. You should see the mess they make. We literally have to sanitize the stadiums after each rally to get the stench out.”

It would well be a while before this makes its way through the courts. In the meantime, we would not be surprised to see the president invoke the 25th Amendment on himself in the near future, just to spite his critics.

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