Iranian Ambassador Begged Trump For Mercy After Their Missiles All Missed Their Targets

The Iranian targeting of a base in Iraq was a complete disaster for their country. Not a single one of their stupid missiles managed to kill a single person. It was almost like it was a warning shot and not an actual attack, but we know better after the Trump administration told us so.

This was just ineptitude, not a strategic move that showed they’re willing to go further. The fact that Trump has called for de-escalation is proof that it didn’t work.

Now that they tried and failed, Trump has decided to something no other President has done. He’s placing crippling sanctions on Iran and demanding they enter into some kind of deal to end their nuclear proliferation.

The Iranians know they’re defeated. Reports from the State Department say the Iranian Ambassador showed up in Foggy Bottom to beg for his country’s future. Unfortunately, nobody there was willing to listen, after all the lies the Iranians told us about their general for all those years.

The Trump Administration responded quickly with a press release:

“There’s no way we’re going to lighten up on Iran just because they came to the table and agreed to everyone’s demands and stopped making fissionable material. That deal ended after they displayed that they would still be a country that allows religion to have a serious impact on their policy.”

Democrats are applauding Iran for their move, saying that it will “make the world safer.” But everyone knows the only way to keep the peace is with military force.

Sorry, libtards. Nothing to see here.

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