Mainstream Media Is Lying About the Results of the Clinton Investigation

Social media is being plastered with headlines from the fake news media claiming that Hillary Clinton has been “cleared” by the Justice Department. That’s just not true. According to our source inside the DOJ, who may or may not have actual knowledge of the investigation, they are anything but convinced that she is innocent:

“The DOJ may have released a report saying they haven’t found anything, but that’s just not true. They actually found a lot. The problem is, they can’t disclose it in the report, because the investigation is still ongoing.”

Makes sense. Sometimes an investigation needs to continue after they wrap it up officially to make people lower their guard. In this case, Clinton will most likely get a little lax and start tweeting out incriminating evidence that the left will, of course, ignore completely.

Let’s not forget that much of the investigation deals with things the mainstream media still won’t talk about. Like her connections to Jeffrey Epstein, the assassination of more than 30 political rivals in 2019 alone, the defunct Clinton Foundation’s crimes and fraud, and the illegal sale of our uranium to Russia.

That doesn’t even begin to touch on the Benghazi scandal or the emails. Nothing about the investigation is over just because some report says it is.

Our source says the Trump administration just approved another $40 million in funds to continue the investigation. Attorney general Bill Barr is going to lead the secret next phase personally.

Your time is coming to a close, Madam Secretary. You should have never given them all of that testimony to work with. From here on out, the gloves are off. Let the real fun begin.

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