Firefighters Union Pulls Support for Biden, Apologizes for ‘Terrible Misunderstanding’

The International Union of Firefighters has apologized to president Trump and pulled its support for Democrat Joe Biden. According to a source inside the organization, a very small fraction of the union made the decision for everyone:

“Well, you know. It’s a union, so we have to let just anyone in and call it “International.” That means Canada and Mexico. Mexico still pull their stuff around with El Caminos and Canada hasn’t had a real fire to speak of in years. It’s just too cold. So these guys that don’t any real firefighting are helping call the shots for real American heroes. We put a stop to it.

The Americans are with Trump. The Mexicans…well…they don’t really care and the Canadians are too busy smoking weed. It wasn’t tough to reverse.”

Biden is now trailing in the polls to Trump by more than 40 points with firefighters.

In response to the change of direction, the President is expected to reverse his Tweeting direction and praise the Firefighter’s union rather than calling them elitists for wanting to organize for better wages and benefits like socialists. In what world does a public servant make liberal union wages? Even soldiers make like 9 bucks an hour to get shot at. But sure…le the top dogs collect their dues and give it all to some Jimmy Hoffa dude to bury in a football stadium while our country burns.

This is what happens when Obama spends eight years trying to make us forget 911.

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