NFL Starter Kneels During ‘Black National Anthem’


“Turnabout is fair play”, the old saying goes.  The thing about old sayings, however, is that they’re old.  Nobody in their right mind walks around shouting “23 Skidoo!” anymore.

That’s way too many Skidoos for Matt Gaetz anyway.

After season after season of trauma, with professional sports figures of color kneeling in protest during America’s pearly white people’s national anthem, now the fallout comes to pass.

Last week, during a practice game between the Atlanta Falcons and a group of professional outhouse builders, starting tight end Joe Barron chose to kneel down in protest during the playing of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, known colloquially as “The Black National Anthem.”  It’s unknown why “Boyz In Tha Hood” was not chosen for the honor.

The Caucasian was immediately labelled as a “racist” by onlookers, local news organizations, and his own teammates.  Barron explained that he was simply protesting white suffrage.

“All of a sudden, black people are taking over too many things.  Captain America.  Hockey.  There’s even that country music song with rapping in it.  That is wrong.  We want America the way it used to be back when it was great.  With separate water fountains and restaurants.  Does that make me racist?  If it does, then how come I got a boner when Halle Berry was topless in that ‘Swordfish’ movie?”

Barron’s supporters, overwhelmingly older Trump voting tard weebles, point out that it’s not offensive because people didn’t fight and sacrifice their lives for the song.  Which, they didn’t do for the other one, either.  Who would die for a song?  Oh yeah, half of Milli Vanilli.

Phil Collins told him over and over. “Milli. Milli, don’t you lose my number.”

When the season fully starts, is this likely to become a common occurrence?  Will pale faces be seen lined up, on their knees, like a Trump family cubicle at a Russian piss hooker bordello?  Perhaps.  But at least now everyone’s racist uncle can waddle off and watch football again during the holidays and just shut the f*ck up.


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