California Will Require Gas Stations To Display Prices In Arabic Numerals

California has done it again, patriots. In yet another disgrace to democracy and freedom, they’ve gone and made it mandatory for gas stations to display their prices in…you guessed it…Arabic numerals.

How many times can they possibly make such a mockery of this issue? How many times can we make people look stupid over the absolute dumbest thing of all time, ever?

The answer is…infinity. We can keep telling this stupid story in as many ways as we like until the end of time and the taters still won’t get it. Arabic numerals are one through nine, and there was nobody named Al Gebra.

So why then do our children need to learn Common Core Math? Because this is Biden’s America, folks. If we don’t want our kids learning a new way to conquer a problem a few years after learning the traditional way to improve their critical thinking skills, we shouldn’t make them.

We should give them a mini Trump Flag for their Power Wheels Monster Truck and hope they understand that being a Trump supporter means going all-in…for life.

No matter how dumb the rhetoric gets. No matter how ridiculous the headline. No matter what, patriot, protect bigotry and hate at all costs, or the liberals might win.

Lord knows we can’t have that if we’re going to return to 1963 until all the Boomers are finally gone and the rest of America can finally move on.

So…ummmmm…God bless. America.

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