Michelle Obama’s New Book on Christianity : “The Bi-Bull”

The truth is right in front of you

After the success of her first book, “Becoming”, in which she talked about transitioning into the role of First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has been eager to set pen to paper again. And after just a few short months, her next book is set for release on July 4, Independence Day.

The new book of obvious fiction is being promoted as a work of non-fiction.  In fact, it will be sold as an educational text. And the topic?  Titled “The Bi-Bull”, it is a supposed debunking of the Holy Bible of Our Lord page-by-page, line-by-line. Mrs Obama is making the outrageous claim that the word of God is fake and she wants to sell this trash to our youth to convince them of same.

Tabernac! Books editor, Satchel O. Richards explained the concept of the sacreligious text to us :

“Nothing in the New Testament is real. Certainly nothing is original. Most of the book’s tales are stolen from religions thousands of years older than Christ’s supposed birthdate. It’s all crap. It’s bull. It’s a bi…..bull. Get it?”

Satan and the anti-Christ have been having a good laugh over this.

The former First Lady also chimed in with her two cents :

“LOL!” (editors’ note : Mrs Obama did not laugh out loud.  She actually said ‘Lol’. Yes, she’s one of those people). “The Bible? The Christian Bible? Ha! Of all the religions in the world, Christianity is by far the most insane! And its followers are fools. They have duped too many people. They must be stopped. The truth -distributed in my name - will reach billions and turn the tide. The days of church tyranny will soon end.”

Obama’s assertions are ridiculous. Still, what a relief that nobody takes her seriously. This book will fail just as her first did.  Nobody will read this schlock.


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