Teary-Eyed Hillary Clinton Offically Retires From Public Life After Blaming Trump For Her Failures

Hillary Clinton has revealed to Democrat Party insiders that she’s leaving public life for good. At a fundraiser full of wealthy donors, Clinton broke down in tears as she informed the crowd that she wouldn’t be making any more appearances.

“Had it not been for the corruption of Donald Trump and his collusion with the Russians,” she said, “I would be in the White House and we wouldn’t have to have this discussion.” The crowd sat and watched in silence as she spent a solid 3 minutes weeping into the palm of her hand.

According to her official website, Clinton isn’t just leaving the campaign trail, she’s leaving the public eye completely:

“I’m sorry to say that I won’t be doing any more speaking engagements, book tours, or campaign stops for friends and colleagues. The era of Donald Trump is upon us, and I see no path to victory. He will continue to lie, cheat, and steal way into the hearts of his deplorable supporters, and they will continue to love him for it.

“I fear we are on the precipice, much like Germany in 1935. I cannot, in good conscience, be a part of it any more. My husband and I will continue to work behind the sceneson our Foundation as we avoid cameras and interviews of any kind.

“God bless America. Hopefully he comes and saves us all from the Anti-Christ we know as Donald Trump.


Her little signoff is just like a snowflake liberal. She blames her failures on Trump because he outsmarted her at every turn.

Good riddance. We contacted the Justice Department and were told in no uncertain terms that the investigations into her corruption and emails will continue until they’re satisfied that they have enough evidence to charge her with treason.

President Trump hasn’t mentioned her retirement at all, because he’s far too classy for such petty endeavors.

America can sleep a little easier tonight. Maybe now the “suicides” will stop.

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