Kamala:’Fake Trump Media Is Telling Lies About Me’

The truth is right in front of you

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has been in the news a lot lately and none of it has been good press. But the bad news has always come from her own words. On three separate occasions she has made outrageous and defamatory remarks about various, heroic segments of American society. She’s called our military personnel ‘soulless cowards’. She threatened to ’round up Trump supporters’ and put them into camps. And she said the nation’s police were nothing but ‘murderers’. These were her own words documented by the media.

Yet Kamala is denying all of this. She is claiming that all these stories are fake, created by sources looking to smear her good name. Her latest unhinged rant is below:

“The only way Republicans know how to play is dirty. Not a single one of those stories about are real. Not one!

They were all fabricated by the Fake Trump Media. Trump and his cronies are the ones writing this crap. It’s all made up.

The stories originated on Facebook page, not in the media. Trump has set up a series of pages under the banner ‘America’s Last Line of Defense’. They are fake news mills under the guise of satire whose only purpose is to write terrible stories about Democrats and boost the profiles of Trump and the Republicans.

Look it up. Read them. Ask that snivelling Davey guy from Snopes. It’s obvious to anyone with even a glimmer of intelligence. The problem is that those who love Trump don’t seem to have any.”

This is truly laughable. Your statements are on the record, madam. You can’t scream fake news every time you regret your words. Just because they turned out badly for you doesn’t make them any less real.

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