Biden Says When He Wins He Will Abolish Fox News And OANN

Joe Biden says America is in trouble. Not because of socialism or looting or lawlessness or illegals, but from what he calls “right-wing propaganda.”

He’s referring, of course to the trusted news sources of Trump supporters, particularly Fox News and OANN.

Standing in front of a sign with the logos of the “news” outlets Democrats throw all of their trust into, like The Washington Post and MSNBC, Biden said that Fox News and OANN won’t have their licenses renewed when he wins the election:

“Look. Here’d the deal. Those networks are pure trash. They sell crap to idiots. There’s nothing newsworthy about them. Their only good reporter, Shep Smith, is gone. They have no integrity. Their primetime shows are garbage. Hannity and Carlson should be in jail.”

That sentiment echoes the feelings of many Democrats, as well as most independents and about 40 percent of Republicans. Those people aren’t true Americans like the faithful Trump supporters of Fox News.

We’ve made it clear that we want our news to be no-nonsense. We don’t want to hear about Fauci and his “science” when we can hear about how great things are going under Trump’s administration by people who work for him and better yet, by Trump himself.

If we wanted to hear about stuff like equality and how we should all fight against things like systemic racism we’d quit our jobs or give up our social security and go to college.

That’s not what the real America wants and that’s not who real Americans are. Real Americans occupy all that land in the middle, and all that land votes. We own most of the counties in this country even though we’re in the minority by a lot and we want what we want because we were here first.

Make no mistake, America. When Trump wins he will make sure the 1st Amendment is held sacred and end the nightmare reporting of Antifa networks like NBC and CNN. The time has come to turn this whole country into what we love the most…an authoritarian state with the Trumps as our royal family.

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