Democrats Invoke Congressional Decree 2112 To Revoke McConnell’s Vote

The truth is right in front of you

McConnell told the press what the world already knew -  the Senate would not vote to convict the President based on the evidence presented because there was no evidence there. Immediately, the Democrats pulled their pitchforks and are now in a RUSH to force him to recuse himself from the Senate vote regarding impeachment.

Democrats have made an Overture to their intention to invoke little known and never before used Congressional Rule 2112. Neil Peart , an aide to Adam Schiff, read of it while on A passage to Bangkok with family. Peart told of his Discovery:

“We were on our way to see the Temples of Syrinx and I used the opportunity in the flight to research ruled of congress. And there it was like an Oracle, the dream straight out of The twilight zone. It almost brought Tears to my eyes to that my Presentation would take care of the McConnell problem. I was so thrilled that I started on a Soliloquy right there on the plane about the kudos I would be getting from Adam. Haha. But enough about me.

Rule 2112 allows for an involuntary removal of a congress member from proceedings as a result of a public show of clear partisan bias. Obviously, this happens all the time which is why it’s never been used - nobody wants to set a precedent through its use that could muzzle themselves in the future.”

Will Peart’s proposal be a success?

There are Lessons to learn here about how Democrats operate. This is how desperate they are. There is no evidence to impeach. They think they can create Something from nothing through the use of a vague rule that nobody has even heard of. They can go ahead. The Grand Finale will still not be the one they want.

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