The Clinton Foundation Secretly Bought Epstein’s Island Hours After He Died

In the early morning hours of August 11th, 2019, Jeffrey Juan Epstein was allegedly killing himself in a cell in New York. Halfway around the world in the South Pacific, The Clinton Foundation was engaged in another activity — one that also required Epstein’s death. They were at the Registrar of Deeds of Micronesia and Oceania claiming ownership of Isla Nublar, also known as “Little Saint John,” in the event of the current owner’s death.

The Deputy Registrar on duty that day, Arturi Tubolls, says he remembers the incident well:

“It’s not uncommon for Islands with no national designation to be registered with Micronesia and Oceania. Our only requirement is that you are a sovereign island that abides by your own laws and the laws of neighboring islands, if there are any.

In this case, the islands are just west of the US Virgin Islands, making them eligible for membership. The Island is now called Isla Chelsea, and it is perfectly legal.”

That explains why the FBI was able to just show up out of nowhere and raid the Island. They’re fully owned and operated by the Clinton Foundation as well. The Foundation says that it has done nothing wrong and that the whole thing is just blown out of proportion:

“We all know the whole world will be making a connection between Epstein and President Clinton until the end of time. Especially now that Juan is dead. Was it a great idea to buy the island so soon after finding out? Probably not in the public eye, but the Foundation just scored a palace — complete with temple — for six cents on the dollar that they can use to house and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking.”

A likely story, considering it’s a known fact that there are miles of tunnels and dungeons under the island with victims who have been there for decades. The whole thing is one big pizza place.

The Clintons may own the island, but the Trump administration still has assets of its own it can use to infiltrate, gather intel, and make a decision whether to extract. God bless them. God bless them all.

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