Greta Thunberg:’Trump Has A Hole In His Soul’

The truth is right in front of you

Greta Thunberg, the young climate change activist from Sweden, made quite an impression upon the world’s dignitaries at the UN this week with her powerful speech full of moving words. She was lauded by many, even as she sharply criticized leaders from around the globe, President Trump included, for their inaction on the issue of the shift in the Earth’s climate.

In fact, she reserved specific vitriol just for Trump, calling him out for being a “climate change denier”, aka “one in possession of the truth.” A portion of that section of speech follows:

“President Trump - the supposed leader of the free world - is keeping his people enslaved to big oil and big gas. The world needs to break those chains but Trump is himself a slave to money and wants to keep Americans and all citizens of the world dependent on a literal and figurative dinosaur fuel source to enrich himself.

He is the worst kind of man. A sociopath who cares about nobody but himsel. This was always clear yet Americans installed him as leader so that his horrible qualities could affect billions. He is the devil.”

Joseph Barron, from the White House Press Corps tried to gain an interview with Thunberg after the speech. While unable to get to her, he did see her intense stare in Trump’s direction, and overheard her ominous words

“Trump has a hole in his soul.”

Dark words for a child but it wasn’t just the words on their own that were jarring, but the seeming ‘death stare’ that she held on the president as she said it. This child, it seemed to all who saw and heard her, is deeply disturbed.

The President could not be stopped for comment as he left. His staff told reporters he had to leave quickly and escape the rain as he had just had a “shoe malfunction.” We pray that he is alright.

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