Gowdy Nemesis Hillary Clinton Hired By Dem Impeachment Team

The truth is right in front of you

The hiring of Trey Gowdy by the White House legal defense team is being hailed by many in conservative circles as a master stroke, a genius move that will ensure that this inquiry nonsense is cast aside quickly and decisively. Gowdy brings with him years of experience leading such congressional examinations of representatives in DC and knows well how the system works. This knowledge will give the team insight into the Democrats plans and allow them to be one step ahead throughout.

But now the Democrats have struck back with a hiring of their own. A volunteer actually. Hillary Clinton has offered her services and come on board to help the House of Representatives through the impeachment process. Clinton, of course, also has years of experience in the realm of the legal investigations of congress. In fact, she has the same amount of background in this area as Gowdy, having been on the other side of Gowdy’s sole focus while on the hill - the Benghazi hearings.

The Democrats happily brought her into the fold because of the outcome of those hearings - through 8 consecutive inquiries led by Gowdy, Hillary Clinton came out on top. As Clinton said,”I know how to beat that punk.”

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, tells us why the addition of Clinton is such a coup:

“Hillary Clinton is a champion. Trey Gowdy tried over and over to find her wrongdoings and failed at every turn. He was impotent against her prowess. If you recall, she actually laughed during her 11 hours of testimony, so weak were his methods.

With Hillary added to our mix, Gowdy has no power. Trump is going down.”

This is certainly a smart tactical move on the part of the Democrats. Clinton knows the system and she knows how to cheat. The hearings just became more interesting.

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