The Obama’s 2019 Christmas Card Is Not About Christmas At All

The truth is right in front t

Barack Obama and family have mailed out their regular batch of holiday cards as they do each Christmas season but unlike those he sent while in office, which gave mention to the word “Christmas” or showed imagery related to the occasion, this latest one is markedly different. There is no tree, no holly, no wreath or snowman. There’s no picture of Santa Claus or elves, no nativity, no Christ. Not even the name of the holy savior is seen. Instead the card refers to a different “god.” It simply says:

“Happy Allah Days!
From the Obama Family”

The Obamas mocked stuff even more with scenes from An Arab Christmas, showing  how the occasion is celebrated in that part of the world. 

That’s right. After years of falsely claiming to be a Christian, (though not playing the part very well at all), Obama is finally being open and honest with the American people about his true faith.

This reveal gives new credence to the oft heard suggestions that the former President financed ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban, and the Shah during his presidency. This is not definitive - we do not know that Barack had been radicalized, but it seems likely given that none of those existed prior to his occupation of the White House.

AG Barr has reportedly taken notice of this mailed salutation. It’s said that he views it as “Obama thumbing his nose at us all” and he intends to open an investigation.

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