CA Gov. Newsom Pardoning 1342 Prisoners ‘So ICE Can’t Deport Them’

The truth is right in front of you

The cesspool that is California has always been soft on crime. Indeed, they seem to favor the criminals in gangland over the decent, church-going, law abiding citizens that reside there.

Calling themselves a ‘Sanctuary State,’ and thereby sheltering criminal immigrants from ICE authorities who would send them home, is just one example of their preference for the dregs of society. California has become a destination for lowlifes and thugs.

With ICE now regularly using their federal authority to pluck the undocumented from the state’s prison system, it had become difficult for Governor Gavin Newsom to maintain the dream home for illegally residing gang members that he envisioned when he named the state a place of sanctuary. So, in order to fight back against the Feds, Newsom appears to have gone insane.

As Governor, Newsom has the authority to pardon criminals convicted of state crimes. And so he has decided to use this authority to set free over 1300 prisoners that would have been subject to deportation as soon as ICE entered the facilities in which they currently reside. The crimes these men and women were convicted of range from petty theft to drug dealing and murder. And the governor is preparing to set them loose on the street.

As Newsom put it:

“These people were named criminals as soon as they came into our country in search of a better life. So they were treated like pariahs, like monsters. Turning to a life of crime was their only choice.

I can’t in good conscience deny them another shot at the life they sought by sending them back to the horrible countries that they escaped from. So I’m setting them free.

This I decree.”

Maybe it’s time we cut California off from the rest of the country. Around that state seems like a perfect place for another wall.

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