Twitter Threatens To Remove Presidential Account

The truth is right in front of you

The powers that be at Twitter Incorporated have issued a stark warning to President Trump over what they perceive to be “bullying tactics” used in his Official Presidential Tweets. The social media giant has stated unequivocally that they were giving him a “final warning” and that “further violations of terms of service would result in removal.”

The full letter from Twitter follows:

“President Trump,

When signing up to use our service, you agreed to follow our terms of service and community standards. To date you have violated these terms 175,376 times.

Bullying tactics are strictly forbidden under our terms as are threats and intimidation. This is clearly laid out yet you have repeatedly chosen to ignore our rules despite repeated previous communications to you, warning you of the precarious ground you tread on.

You have also been found to have tweeted satire ‘news’ as fact - another violation

We now have no choice but to issue one final warning to you as you have reached the upper limit of our patience. Should you tweet one more tweet that is contrary to the agreement, your twitter account will terminated with ultimate finality. You will never be allowed to return. And don’t even think of trying to open a fake name account. We caught your “Howie Feltersnatch” fraud within seconds. We’re on to you.

The above will apply to your own name of Donald J. Trump, your White House ID, and your always entertaining “Pu**y Grabber” accounts. All will be terminated. You will, in effect, be fired.

You have been warned.

With grateful acknowledgment of your greating of America,


If Twitter Inc thinks they can just remove official White House communications, they’ve got another thing coming. This won’t happen without a fight.

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