USA Leaps Up To #1 In Frömmler Tourism Ranking: ‘Trump Has Made It Better’

The truth is right in front of you

The new “Frömmler Worldwide Tourism Rankings” are out and America is back on top for the first time in almost 75 years.

Frömmler ranks the countries of the world based on how tourist friendly they are to their readers. A poll is conducted amongst those readers and they vote based on a variety of categories. These are:

  • Preferential Treatment To The “Master Race”
  • Demeaning of Minority Races
  • Likelihood of Conviction for Hate Crimes
  • Public Acceptance of Generic Racism
  • Public Acceptance of Racial Slurs
  • Visible Celebrations of Racist History
  • Establishment of Means To Ethnically Cleanse

For the first time in decades, America scored top marks in every category! We had our lowest ranking during the Obama years. Obama basically destroyed the world’s view of us, and Trump, in 3 short years, has built us back up! He put us back on top where great nations belong.

This is not to say that our marks in each category were perfect - we do have a long way to go - but we were better than the rest. With some hard work, we will soon achieve perfection in the future.

Previous winners of the past some decades include Bosnia, France, the province of Quebec in Canada, and Hungary. But none of those achieved nearly as high a score as we have this year.

Let’s thank President Trump for changing how the works looks at America!


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