Governor Gavin Newsome Orders State Police To Padlock Gun Stores That Refuse To Shut Down

Calicommiefornia’s fascist governor has decided to lay the jackboot on the necks of his state’s gun stores. Not only has he decided that they are “non-essential,” he’s decided that opening them is an actual crime.

In his state, you can open your pot shop. That’s essential. You can go to the liquor store just before you grab an abortion. Both essential. But if you want to stock up on weapons and ammo to fend off the hungry looters who have lost their jobs because the Democrats didn’t do the right thing, you’re screwed.

Some gun stores tried to defy the order and stay open, knowing how important it would be to patriots to grab an extra 12 gauge for the apocalypse. Now, with a new Executive Order from the office of socialism, The California State Police are authorized to arrest anyone owning, working at, or shopping at a gun store and to padlock the doors shut, after confiscating all of the weapons inside and sending them to the state armory to be “repurposed.”

The NRA has vowed to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court, but the damage has already been done to dozens of small shops. “Git’er Gun” shop owner Sandy Batt told us that her entire inventory was taken and melted into a statue to commemorate the victims of gun violence in San Dimas:

“They paid some artsy guy like $400K to turn my stock into a bird. They said I can file with the state to be compensated, but it was close to $350K in inventory and the cap is $400. What do they think I carry that only cost $400? I sell guns, not lollipops.”

According to the Governor’s office, the cap is to give gun shop owners “incentive to find a new business that won’t cost so many innocent lives.”

Yup. Sounds like California. It’s a wonder they manage to exist at all. Molon Labe.

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