Fox Fires Shep Smith for Insubordination

Fox News has decided to finally cut ties with liberal Shephard Smith, a gay person, for not following the doctrine of the station, which is to tell the truth at all costs as it relates to politics and the positive image of the President of the United States.

Smith broke the final straw this week when he decided it would be a good idea to question the President’s Attorney General on the Mueller Report. AG Barr offered a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the President may have obstructed justice, but that wasn’t good enough for “morally superior” Shep Smith:

“The President obstructed justice and his pal covered it up. Those are the facts.”

According to our source at NewsCorp, that was the last straw:

“The red phone from the White House rang and the word came down. There will bo no insubordination of that nature on a network that tells nothing but Donald Trump’s truth to real Americans.”

Unfortunately, it may be too little too late, as many Trump supporters have already switched from Fox to real sources of information like Alex Jones or ALLOD. It’s getting to be to the point that you have to go to Google to fact-check the President’s Twitter feed instead of getting a proper conservative view of what they mean.

Hopefully, the firing of Smith will make a difference for Fox, but we won’t hold our breath.

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