FCC: Soros and Obama Secretly Bought a Huge Stake in Fox News

According to our source at the FCC, Fox News has been undergoing major changes. A few years ago, we started hearing the liberal rantings of Shep Smith, who decided to come out as being openly gay. Then, there were allegations against both Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, forcing them both into retirement. The network’s nighttime schedule and credibility were shot.

Now, not only has Shep Smith been promoted to programming manager, he’s hired Donna Brazille, the Democrat operative, as a contributor. Now we’re also looking at the end of Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeannine Pirro. So just what is going on at Fox News?

The Federal Community Cable Agency that oversees the broadcast cable networks like Fox say nothing. The New York Stock Exchange, however, has another story to tell.

Right before the hiring of Shep Smith, Rupert Murdoch lost control of Newscorp to the Saudi Al Geebara family. Their company records are held privately in Kuwait. That’s where our investigation began.

The Kuwaiti government, which is still under contract with the United States for security services, is bound by treaty to divulge any American entity involved with Saudi business holdings that cross the border into Syria.

The letter we got from Ramdi Li Smahandu, the attaché to the first Fallah of Ramdallah, shows us that a company owned by George Soros, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerburg and about a half-dozen other liberals, has been buying up shares of Newscorp through as shelf corporation in the Andies.

Basically, they’ve been working behind the scenes to liberalize Fox just like they did to CNN and MSNBC. With Shep Smith at the helm, there is no stopping his perverted liberal transgender agenda.

The information from FCC has been turned over to the Justice Department for review. The President has yet to tweet about it.

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