Walmart Sales Down 50% After Week One Of Boycott

The truth is right in front of you

Never underestimate the power of the people. That is the lesson to he learned after the first week of nationwide Walmart boycotts by Second Amendment supporters.

The planned month long boycott - permanent boycott for many - began last week after the company’s announcement that they would no longer be selling many ammunition types popular with sportsmen and that carrying of guns in their stores would no longer be permitted. Gun owners were outraged by the news and vowed to teach the giant chain a lesson in popular economics. Notices went up all over social media, urging all those with love for 2A to boycott Walmart completely for one month to show the Walton family how much their business was worth and how much they stand to lose in sales if they did not reverse their contentious new policy decisions.

And show them we did. After just the first week, sales at Walmart USA Super Incorporated have fallen by 50%. That kind of impact from a consumer boycott is unprecedented in America and will surely not go unnoticed. Walmart shareholders will not be happy with the negative impact this will have on their dividends and will likely force a change back to the previous status quo.

Congratulations Nation! We’re bringing down the giant of all giants!

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