LA Laker,Kobe Bryant Dies In Crash;$49 Million Left To Trump 2020

The truth is right in front of you

Massive NBA star, Kobe Bryant, has died, the victim of a helicopter crash. He was 46 and is survived by his wife, Natosha, and two small children, Susie and Billy.

Bryant’s basketball career was legendary. Career-long with the LA Lakers, he won multiple championships and multiple MVP awards. The record books will hold his name for decades to come.

But he was not your typical spoiled, ultra-rich, professional athlete. Bryant was a sound businessman and savvy investor. He ran multiple charities and gave back to his community. He was a hero to many and the envy of all.

What few seem to know is that he was also a devoted supporter of our President Trump. Throughout 2015 and 2016 he could be seen at awareness and fundraising events for the Trump presidential campaign. He was tireless in his efforts to promote Trump’s message and get elected who he described as “an astounding man.”

Because of this support, it is no surprise to see that Kobe is continuing to give to President Trump even after his death. Kobe’s lawyer, the sumptuous Satya Martin, held a press conference today, two minutes after his death, to tell the world that Bryant had left 71% of his $60 million estate to the Trump 2020 campaign, for the sum total of $52 million. The remaining $16 million is going to Martin herself, to be shared with her Pulitzer-winning reporter husband, Rod Gozinya.

The following is an excerpt from the larger-than-life basketball star’s will:

“My life was going down. My career was fading, I became depressed, I was distraught.

But then Donald Trump came along. He made me realize that I’m not so bad. I was down because I had cheated on my wife and was caught. One look at Trump’s life made me realize that I’m actually pretty much a saint. It gave me hope to carry on. And for that, I owed Trump eternal thanks.”

Services for Bryant will be held on Thursday. The public is asked not to attend.

RIP Kobe. A grateful nation will miss you.

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