Missouri Supreme Court Reverses Democrat Election Win

The Missouri Supreme has ruled unanimously to reverse the Gubernatorial election win of Democrat AJ Barron due to election fraud. The election, which Barron “won” by a margin of fewer than 14 votes, was such an obvious sham that the court had no choice but to step in.

In her official opinion, Justice Sandy Batt wrote:

“The state proved that there were no fewer than six illegal votes cast, which puts the entire election into question. had those six votes not counted, the slim margin would be even slimmer, and we’d be into mandatory recount mode.

This court finds that the election was, therefore, coerced by the Democrats at every level and fixed for their candidate. Under state law, the election is hereby reversed and Republican Art Tubolls is declared the winner.”

Tubolls, who has refused to concede the race, says he’s happy that justice was done:

“This thing was way too close and almost came down to the will of the voters. That would be fine if there weren’t so many of them living in the cities where good ol’ boys don’t venture. Thoe are the voters who truly represent Missouri. All you have to do is look at a map and see all the red.”

Our investigative team looked into Tubolls’ claim and found that Missouri does have more red area than blue area, and since land is what matters more than anything, the right side (pun intended) was handed the victory.

Secretary of State Greg DeTater said that at this rate, Democrats could be removed from the voting process completely in thi9s great state by 2022.

Amen to that!

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