Portland PD Sends Antifa A Message With Maga Hats As Part Of Uniform

The truth is right in front of you

Antifa effectively has a stranglehold on Portland, Oregon and the Portland Police Department, under orders from city government, have been powerless to stop them. The “stand down” order against them came down from above weeks ago and has led to utter chaos within the city. Weekly riots and and a terrified public have been the results.

But Portland’s boys in blue have had enough.

There is a great love for President Trump in the department and its members don’t appreciate the anti-government sentiment displayed by Antifa one bit. They have collectively chosen to defy their mayor and come out in public support of America’s greatest president by ditching their traditional brimmed blue hats in favor of the red of the Maga hat. And now when they patrol, proudly wearing the “Make America Great Again” slogan on their heads, the people know they mean business and that law and order has returned to Portland.

Union president, Don Chakeddit, explained to us why the force chose to take this step in their opposition to the socialist hordes:

“Antifa are disrespectful of authority. Antifa are diabolical. Antifa are violent. Antifa are unAmerican.

They create chaos with this attitude and as a once peaceful community we cannot tolerate their antics. This department has had all it can take.

So we will wear our Maga hats and we will stomp them out. We will be out there on the front lines fighting back against these terrorists every day. And yes, we do this against orders but it needs to be done. They can’t fire us all.”

It looks like Portland is on its way back. It will soon become a city America can be proud of again……and not a moment too soon.

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