Trump Strengthens Citizenship Requirements To Fight Terrorism

The truth is right in front of you

Our Commander-In-Chief knows that the war on terror is not fought solely with guns, carpet bombing, unlawful imprisonments, illegal torturing, and indiscriminate mass murders of innocents overseas. No, Trump, being the natural military genius that he is, knows that proactive measures have to be taken at home as well.  The travel ban was the masterstroke first step of his home front plan.  Now the next piece of the puzzle is going into place. 

Effective immediately, one additional question will be asked of new immigrants or refugees coming to our shores :

“Do you eat bacon?”

If this question is answered in the positive, a demonstration will also be required. Staff will be on hand at all points of entry to make sure that bacon, cooked to the liking of each applicant, is always fresh and on hand.

This powerful show of strength from our President has been has been a pet project of his, something that “came to him in a dream,” he said. Work on the change began the day after inauguration. Finally, three years later, it has become the law of the land. It’s a solution simple, it’s a wonder nobody else thought of it. I guess what was needed was a straightforward, simple mind to find this common sense. 



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