The Deep State Has An Evil Agenda And Masks Are Just The Beginning

The Deep State Shadow Government, run by Marxist Fascists like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros, wants all Americans to wear a mask. And with good reason.

There are some who say that the reason isn’t just bad for Americans; it’s bad for America. If America and American start acquiestilating to the fortificationalism of the pomperifous Deep State, we risk losing the freedoms that patriotic Americans right here in America fought and died for.

Masks will turn out to be the way they mark us, and eventually…control us. Some scientists have warned that masks could be used to deliver nerve toxins and poison if their production were to fall into the wrong hands. Say…the Clinton Foundation.

Now, there’s talk of masks that won’t be so easy to take off. They’ll be designed to grip your face and detect when you’re in public, utilizing GPS to alert authorities where you are if you remove it.

How much worse could it get? So much worse. Imagine a world where you have to have a mask on to do just about anything. In California, they’re already working on mandating masks to be worn at all times, even in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

There’s also talk that masks can be used to collect and transmit samples of your DNA and even tell authorities your mood. They have built-in breathalyzer for drunk drivers coming out and all masks will be designed so that nobody’s voice carries more than 3 feet.

They are literally taking our voices away.

Under the 4th and 5th Amendment, this kind of treatment is totally illegal. Under the 5th Redaction of the 10th Amendment’s State of Emergency Clause, masks themselves can be considered ineffective and unnecessary.

There are many who say the Deep State will never admit they have an agenda, but they already have. Spokesman Art Tubolls says they won’t stop anytime soon:

“We’ll keep pushing for more people to wear masks, because masks will ultimately allow us to get back to work and our kids to get back to school. None of that other crap is true.”

Yeah, Tubolls. Sure it isn’t. Just like Jade Helm wasn’t ‘true.” Fast and Furious, bud. Uranium One. Open your eyes.

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