Hillary Spent $11.5 Million Having A Video Of Her Crimes Bleached From The Internet

A video produced by the Ukrainian Intelligence Service that discredits Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, had a nifty little side effect: It also contained footage that implicated Hillary Clinton in at least 14 different criminal encounters. The video, which is now circulating worldwide, shows Clinton admitting that she rigged the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders and that she worked with Russia to frame Trump for his future impeachment.

Clinton also mentions in the video that people who cross her should “write their last will” because “you never know when an accidental suicide will happen.” The mainstream media is refusing to air the video out of fear of being sued.

Within hours of its release, Clinton had already engaged in a concerted effort to have it bleached from the internet. According to our sources, she has spent more than $11 million buying YouTube channels and Vimeo accounts just to have it flushed from existence.

So far, while the effort seems to be working, it isn’t working well enough. We were able to find and record the video and upload it to YouTube just fine, so our readers would be able to see exactly what’s going on without having to guess or trust sources that may be less than authentic:


Pass the video along for as long as it’s still active, and make sure to pass along what was on it until the truth comes out.

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