AOC Wants To Euthanize Our Pets For Green New Deal

The truth is right in front of you.

The demands from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for new laws and regulations in support of her Green New Deal just keep coming and coming. Banning motorcycles, banning trucks, taxing dog owners - these are just a few of her outrageous proposals so far.

We’ve tolerated these because they were so laughable. We smiled and nodded at her as we would the slow guy cooking at the local diner who thinks it would be a great idea to pour “marshmallow sauce” on top of every dish. She’s been harmless, like a dumb dog.

But now she’s coming after our pets and she’s not talking tax anymore. AOC wants to kill our loving and loyal puppies and kitties.

Only Freedom Gas can defeat the evil flatulence.

In her most outrageous idea to date in support of her environmental plan, Cortez has proposed a “culling” of the dog and cat population in America.  She claims this to be completely necessary to save the human race from extinction. Her position is that our pets produce a disproportionate amount of methane gas through flatulence that wreak havoc on the atmosphere. In other words, our furry friends fart far too frequently.

Are puppy farts what this soldier was fighting against?

The theory is ridiculous, of course. Animals and humans alike have been “releasing” into the air since the beginning of time. Are we to believe that suddenly, out of the blue, our collective emissions have become poisonous?

Once again, Alexandria Cortez has offered up more of her trademark nonsense that she so desperately tries to present as intellect. But what else can we expect from a puppy-hating bartender?

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