Trump Gives Police More Leeway To Use Deadly Force


In light of recent events, and with concern for a growing environment that he feels may become hostile towards police forces across the country, *President Trump signed executive order BT-7717 this morning.  Referred to as the “Had It Coming” directive, the order grants police officers and official deputized lawkeepers wide-ranging powers to use deadly force during dangerous encounters.

Some people view Trump’s EO as overreaching, and warn that they will only foster a climate of abuse of power that has steadily plagued law enforcement for some time.  Others, all of the psychotic trumptard variety, could care less for the rule of law and believe that cops should have full authority to murder anyone at will should they so much as jaywalk, most especially if that criminal single-cigarette salesman is black.

Unless you happen to be dealing with a certain candy merchant. Then you kinda did have it coming.

Sandy Batt of the National Rifle Association’s Cop Fellating Department explained why this legislation is essential.

“In America, we’ve gotten away from just blindly trusting police.  A lot if it comes from them becoming, within the space of adecade, armed with military grade hardware, making them nearly another branch.  Well that’s not strictly true.  They’re not anywhere near trained enough.  That’s why they sometimes pop off.  You can’t blame them.  They should be treated with more respect than normal people.  And if you break the law?  You deserve to die.  Has NO one else ever seen ‘Judge Dredd’?”

In the original comics, Dredd never removed his helmet. You know why? Because f*ck you Stallone, that’s why.

Some Democrat representatives are warning that Trump’s irresponsible move is, as usual, based on absolute bullshit fear-mongering that he absorbed from terrible excuse for a ‘news’ network Fox.  Is it a bad thing for the American public to be basically placing their safety in the hands of Sean Hannity or Judge Jeanine Pirro?  Of course it is.  They’re asskankers.


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