Pelosi To Begin Post-Impeachment Eviction Procedure


With everything about the impeachment of President Donald Trump nearly completed, speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congress have begun the Executive Eviction procedure as detailed in constitutional article 8, section 4, paragraphs 5-7.

It’s the same article that allows Lindsey Graham to be both a Senator and Avon lady.

The Procedure has only been used once before during the Jackson impeachment to eliminate the offending criminal leader from office and the White House. Nixon of course, famously resigned before his removal could be completed, and Clinton was far too cool.

Within the next week, Pelosi will instruct Capitol police to deliver and display an official legal notice of eviction on the front door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, leaving the former President and his family 48 hours to vacate the premises. Commercial refuse removal service “1-800-Junk” has volunteered to assist with transporting the possessions of the first family to a nearby waste facility. Sources also estimate a post-Trump fumigation operation would cost upwards of six hundred thousand dollars, to be withdrawn from the wall-building fund that thousands of gullible old fungus farms donated their social security money to.

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