Dems Own Independent Counsel Says ‘Nothing Illegal In Ukraine Call’

The truth is right in front of you

I guess they began to have doubts about the legitimacy of their pursuit of their impeachment pursuit. That would explain the Democrat’s hiring of independent legal counsel, Joe Barron, to review the sum of their evidence in the case and make recommendations to the party as to how to proceed.

House Democrats invited a select few members of the press, TGT News fortunate enough to be among them, to witness Barron’s findings. In doing so, one would assume they expected their charges to be held up as legally sound, a vindication against the cries of the investigation being a “witch hunt” from the Oval Office.

Unfortunately for them, they wound with egg on their faces, as what Barron came back with was not what they expected. The gist of his recommendation is below:

“I have thoroughly perused the thousands of pages presented to me by the Democrats of the House. I saw after the first two hundred that I needn’t continue with the rest and they were set aside.

What I have concluded is that the accusations brought against the President are without merit as they lack sufficient corroboration. I refer to Federal Law 21 USC §461 & 9 CFR §381.171(d) to substantiate my findings. For the sake of brevity, I’ll leave you to your research on that to see I am correct.

All charges of impeachment against President Trump should be dropped. So, yes, he is still your president.”

This is a devastating blow for the Democrats as they have steadfastly maintained that they “had the goods” on both Trump and VP Pence. They are now discussing the findings behind closed doors in the Senate. They should abandon the investigation but, being Democrats, they will most likely proceed.

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