WH Halloween Guests ALL Surprise Trump In Scariest Masks Imaginable

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump walked into the most terrifying scene imaginable this evening when he entered the White House Ballroom for the Annual Halloween Gala Affair. We’re lucky he didn’t have a heart attack as before him stood over 200 Hillary Clinton’s, staring at him from all sides with those lifeless eyes of hers. It was every American’s biggest nightmare.

Of course, they weren’t all Hillary. In fact, not even one was. Though the event was formal black tie, invitations had asked them to wear “the scariest mask they could think of.” Many of the guests individually came up with “Hillary Clinton.” When they realized their shared idea, a plan, with the help of the First Lady Melania who called everyone on the guest list, was formulated. Each and every guest was handed a “Killary” mask upon entry, and a night of hilarity ensued. Some dragged around body bags, others watched as mock-ups of husband Bill received lap dances and oral sex from random women.

The President absolutely loved the surprise, laughing throughout the night. Guests, men and women, alike were delighted as Trump joined in the fun, doing the scariest thing he could think of by randomly walking up to them and “grabbing Hillary by the p***y.”

Joe Barron was one of those lucky enough to be grabbed. The thrill it gave him is evident:

“President Trump snuck up behind me, then quickly came around. I’d seen him grabbing crotches so I was doing my best to avoid him, but then there he was.

He looked me straight in the eye, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, as his right paw reached down and grabbed. I was ready for it so I didn’t think it would be too bad, but then his hand lingered a little too long…….”

President Trump was last seen asking his wife to don a mask as they left the party. It would  seem he had such a great time that he didn’t want it to end!

Trump had a sly look in his eyes as he exited with a masked Melania. I wonder what they were up to!

Halloween 2019 at the White House sounds like it was a gas! I wish I’d been there, as I’m sure you all do.

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