Al Gore : ‘ Hurricane is Result Of Trump’s Climate Change Denial’


At the 15th annual Global Climate Change Summit last Friday in Geneva, Switzerland, champion of a weeping Earth, inventor of the internet, and only man to ever lose the Presidency by winning the Presidency told the gathered crowd of scientists and dignitaries that the current hurricane blasting the Bahmas is Donald Trump’s fault.

This comes hot on the heels from last week, when Adrian Brody blamed Trump for making him look like an under-inflated Al Pacino love doll.

Gore believes that placing climate-change deniers in key government positions and dropping cold a host of environmental initiatives has accelerated whatever “magic doom spell” the planet is under. There was talk of carbon emissions.  Melting glaciers.  Extreme weather patterns.  Frankly, it’s a wonder Al-pocalypse didn’t blame Trump for illegal immigration too.  Oh. Wait.  He did.  An excerpt:

“Donald Trump’s increasingly stupider policies are affecting the global pulse.  For example, he tried to pander to his racist voters by demonizing asylum seekers, many of whom are fleeing because of terrible droughts, destroying farmland and leaving them homeless and without option.  Because of Trump.  This cannot go on.  He.  Cannot go on.”

Senator Lindsey Graham, however, assures everyone that the par-tay will go on, at least until the Astroglide runs out.

Gore’s speech received thunderous applause by his audience, most of whom probably are afraid of farting cows and six-pack rings.  It’s more than certain that you’ll hear a lot more about it if you turn on MSNBC or the Clinton News Network at any time, day or night for the next week.  Thanks, George Soros.