Trump Wants Politicians To Be Forced To Wear Lie Detectors

The truth is right in front of you

When President Trump was elected, he promised to reform Congress as no president had ever done before. He’s been draining the swamp, ridding government of corrupt politicians, but he wants to do more.

Trump has introduced a measure that would see all sitting congressmen and women forced to wear lie detectors while in session and while addressing the public. Such an idea is unheard of as a foundation of our government is supposed to be trust in our elected officials, but Trump doesn’t see it that way.

“We are supposed to be able to trust those we elect. But the Democrats have shown that we cannot. They lie. They lie all the time. And the public, because they think they’re supposed to trust them, laps up those laws as if they were truth.

The American people are starved for truthful information. It’s all they want and we have a means to give it to them.

Strapping all politicians with lie detectors would ensure greater honesty. No longer would the Democrats be able to get away with spreading their crap about me or any of my fellows in the GOP. Hey, that rhymed. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.

The lie detectors, or truth tellers as I like to call them, will guarantee a more honest government that could better serve the population of the United States. It’s such a simple idea. It’s a wonder that nobody else has done it before. But not really, because they all had something to hide.

I have nothing to hide. I am the most honest president this country has ever seen. It’s a perfect idea.”

Yes it is perfect, Mr. President. We want the truth. We can handle the truth. And it’s about time we had it.

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