Pelosi Wants Court To Suspend Trump’s Powers Until Senate Rules

The truth is right in front of you

The Democrat Party has only one thing on their agenda and it has nothing to do with governing for the people. All that’s on their minds is “Remove Trump from office.” That’s why they pursued this false impeachment . They are a disgrace to our Republic.

Their Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is power hungry and isn’t happy with a simple impeachment. She is delaying the official presentation of the House’s ruling to the Senate……and now we know why. She has another foul and manipulative card up her sleeve.

Pelosi is filing a motion to have the powers of the President suspended “until such a time as his innocence has been proven.” Democrat staffers are busily preparing the legal documentation necessary to enact the move and arguments will be made before a federal court next week.

Pelosi argues that it is reasonable for the people to have doubts about the intentions of the President in light of the fact that he faces a trial for criminality. The White House, of course, will present the assumption of innocence until guilt is proven.

Legal scholar, Satya Martin, feels that both arguments have merit.

“Yes, he’s innocent until proven guilty. That is the standard. But this is no ordinary citizen. He’s desperate, orange, not very bright, and afraid …..and he has nuclear launch codes.

There’s much to consider.”

Our President is honest and strong and any judge will see this. He won’t fall to this. Democrat desperation will fail.

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