Trump:’These People Want To Get Rid Of Valentine’s Day. I Won’t Let Them’

The truth is right in front of you

Our national holidays, customs, and traditions are constantly under attack. There always seems to be one special interest group or another who wants to do away with the annual events that we cherish most.

The largest of these by far became known as the “War On Christmas” but the birth of Christ is not the only celebration we have fought for. Other noteworthy battles included “The Stress of Thanksgiving”, and “The Attack on New Year’s Eve”…..and now there’s a new one.

Trumps address this morning at a private fundraiser for cancer research identified to us all the new threat. Valentine’s Day is under attack. Liberal groups are trying to pierce it with her arrows. The president told us all about it:

“There are these people… these special interests. They want to take away Valentine’s Day. Did you know that?

They see it is immoral. They say it is a made up holiday. They say it should be abolished. Well I won’t let them. I will fight them every step of the way. Our Christian holidays will be safe. You can count on me.”

President Trump is stepping up to save all of our days. With him at the helm, the future is safe.

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