Hillary Says ‘Open Boarders Will Make America Kinder & Friendlier’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats have wanted open boarders for decades, but while they once hid their ultimate plan, they have been very open about it in recent years. Hillary Clinton has mentioned it many times, enraging many Americans. She feels that the anger results from a misunderstanding of her intentions and is using this space to clear the confusion.

“I, and many of my democrat colleagues, have advocated for open boarders for many, many years now. We feel that America would only become greater if we encourage these.

The openness would improve society by promoting honesty. That in turn, would promote trustworthiness and once those are on place, America can become the best it can be. Yes, it’s just a small step toward such a utopia, but every step matters.

Its simple. If skateboarders and people staying at boarding houses  became more open and forthcoming -  if that segment of society didn’t bottle everything up inside them, others may encouraged to do the same. It has to start somewhere. Why not with boarding house residents and those who ride on skateboards? And snowboarders! Let’s not forget them! And drywall installers!

If people were open, honest, and sharing with each other, this country would be a better place. Let’s start with the boarders.”

Hillary Clinton is mocking us with this ‘explanation.’ She wants southern countries to just walk right in here, crossing our ‘boarders,’ not the ‘borders’ that she describe.

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