Taylor Swift Burns Effigy of Trump During Concert


Taylor Swift is a multi-platinum pop artist who rose swiftly to one of America’s top grossing concert acts.  If you have teenagers in your house or around your neighborhood, you’ve probably heard her music blaring during little league games or out the windows of 2018 Kia Souls.  Swift is also an outspoken liberal critic of President Trump, and last night in Queef Lake, Delaware, she may have gone a little too far.

Like “The Santa Clause 4 : The Sleigh Full of Cocaine”.

Her concert at the Vigoda Memorial Arena was sold out, and the cheering crowd of youths had just been wowed by her hit song: “Love Story”, when the stage went dark, and a single spotlight shone on what appeared to be a stuffed dummy of President Trump, complete with signature hairstyle and miniature hands.  The arena erupted into boos, until it suddenly burst into flame, as Swift strutted out and pumped a fist in the air.  She then launched into her newest hit, “Ain’t My President.”

“He ain’t even Melania’s President, if you get what I’m sayin’. Ell oh ell.”

Parents of concertgoers reported that they were extremely offended by the action, and have threatened to cut off her music from their kids.  Fox News has been airing the footage of the burning effigy in heavy rotation, with hosts calling it everything from “monsterous” to “treasonous”, to special guest Bill O’Reilley, who opined : “She looks like a little girl that needs a throwing down some stairs.”

O’Reilley is also the number two consumer of loofah sponges in the U.S., just behind Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Has Swift gone too far?  What effect might this stunt have on her record sales? Most experts believe the answer is none because it didn’t really happen.  But the southern-fried songstress still better watch her step or the President is likely to ban her from Greenland.

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