Fox News Forced To Disclose 4 New Major Stockholders

The picture says a thousand traitorous words. According to our source who may or may not know things about Newscorp, Rupert Murdoch is no longer calling the shots.

In accordance with the law and public records both here and in Australia, Newscorp has to disclose who owns how much of what. The problem isn’t an individual buyer. The problem is enough new buyers with enough stock combined to control the company.

The four new stockholders are George Soros, Barack Obama, The Clinton Foundations and Bill Gates. That is what we call a whirlwind of liberal nonsense served with a dose of sarcasm.

The foursome has remained silent so far, as the report can’t be confirmed by any “credible” news source, but we’re so certain it’s true we’re willing to print it today.

We’ve already seen major changes at Fox, like Shep Smith being promoted to News Director and the firing of Jeannine Pirro. It also looks like Tucker Carlson is on the chopping block. And who can forget poor Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, fired for pinching a butt or two a hundred years ago.

The PC culture had affected everything but Fox. Now it looks like they’ve been overrun as well. It’s time to boycott and just get all of our news from our trusty Facebook feeds.

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