AOC:’Abortion Is A Gift, Sending Souls Directly To God’s Arms’

The truth is right in front of you

Ah, what wisdom Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to share with the world. Her kajillion proposals for her ‘New Green Deal’ would have meant returning us back to the dark ages. She wants children raised by the state, she says the military are overpaid, she’s all over the place.

Now she’s offering up her two cents on the topic of abortion. In an upcoming issue of the Canadian publication of “Westworld”, Cortez attempted to defend the Democrats love of infant slaughter. Her words are both laughable and blasphemous.

“We, the Democrats are doing God’s work. I truly feel that Jesus would bless the legislation we’ve created and open His arms to us. It is His word that we follow. Jesus Christ was a socialist, you know, just like me. I’m emulating Christ everyday.

Is it not the goal of all human beings to find their way to heaven? Our ultimate goal through our lives is salvation but it’s not easy to attain. Life is full of temptation and sin, all of which will affect our chances of passing through the Pearly Gates. Heaven is not guaranteed for those who have lived full lives.

But by taking the earthly lives of the unborn, we are giving them the gift of eternal life. We are sending their souls directly into God’s arms without the risk of sin on earth. Millions of their souls are up there thanking us.”

This woman needs to be removed from office for uttering such blasphemy. Everything she says and does opposes God. She is of the devil. Vote her out.

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