Canadian PM Trudeau: Second Amendment Means Nothing Here

The truth is right in front of you

Liberal Canadian beatnik Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done nothing but knee-jerk reactions lately. First, he decided to prevent citizens of God’s most favorite country from entering Canada. Now he is actively seeking to take away Canadians’ God-given Second Amendment right to self-defense.

After a single mass shooting (that means one to those of you that think that the United States Constitution applies to other sovereign nations), Trudeau unilaterally has made it his mission to take “assault-style weapons” from his citizens, obviously in preparation of creating an authoritarian police state, which is the true dream of leftists everywhere.

Joe Barron caught up with Trudeau in between runway sessions where he was modeling the latest in manly fashion:

“How’s it going, eh? In Canada, we actually value the lives of our citizens and none of us want to see them lose our lives unnecessarily. That’s why we have a national health system and why we have good safety nets.

I don’t want to be like the United States that has people in government that are too afraid to stand up to the gun lobby and do the right thing. There is no ‘too soon.’ As far as those 22 people are concerned, we’re too late but we won’t be too late for anyone else.

Wait…you mean there are people stupid enough to think that the Second Amendment is a universal thing and that those people will comment and share without reading this? Amazing.”

The spineless Prime Minister refuses to put a ban on hockey equipment because he likes hockey. Maybe if he was man enough to like guns then he’d understand that a few thousand lives lost per year is an acceptable price to pay to keep our God-given right to have whatever guns we want.

America’s hat needs conservative leadership in place to ensure our Canadian brethren don’t lose their rights. We, as Americans, cannot afford to have such unstable leadership leaning on our borders.

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